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  • Easy installation.
  • Safe to Children and pets due to cordless operation.
  • >92% UV blockout.
  • Obvious temperature reduction.
  • More economical than awnings.
  • Saving energy.
  • Connectable handle pole.

Standard Ral-Frame

Ral9010 Milk White

PC0102 Grey

PG3314 Black


Size(cm)Alu. CassetteAlu.RollerFront Bar (PVC)Box Size(cm)20’GP(pcs)
1.2(W) X 1.8(P)78 X 74mmΦ38mmΦ16mm170X11.5X9.52430
1.8(W) X 1.8(P)78 X 74mmΦ38mmΦ16mm230X11.5X9.51725
2.4(W) X 1.8(P)78 X 74mmΦ38mmΦ16mm290X11.5X9.51150
The maximum projection can be up to 2.5m

What a awning can do for ME

Lighting for outdoors.

Adjust light exactly as you need it. And to determine the atmosphere. Outside: with Hooeasy.

Sun protection in all dimensions.

Protect from excessive sun. Regulate the climate completely energy-saving. Put shadows where it is needed quickly: with Hooeasy.

More space for the summer.

Re-invent the summer seat. Enlarge the house with sunny and shady rooms, even outdoors. Setting up islands for relaxation and relaxation: perfect with awnings.