A dedicated awning manufacturer in China

An award-winning supplier of sunshade products

Since establishment, we, Zhejiang Hooeasy Smart Technology Co., Ltd., have achieved tremendous sales increase annually, and gained the upper hand in the global awning market. As an award-winning supplier of sunshade products, our main product lines cover the retractable awning, the folding and joint screen, the window and door canopy, pergola and alike.

Greatest variety of colors and designs

Our textile designers implement current trends in furnishings, architecture and color into unique awning fabrics. With more than 100 designs, markilux offers you a selection that is second to none.

Design and function in perfection

Our awnings combines design, quality and technology to create a unique solution. Among the variety of models, there is certainly one that serves your needs for functionality and perfectly matches the ambience of your terrace.

Options and Extras

Optional lighting elements, convenient operating technology and additional accessories leave no wishes open and make the outdoor area enjoyable, even if the sun does not even shine at the moment.

Terrace or winter garden? Sun protection or privacy protection?

Economical Awning

Half-cassette Awning

KD Awning

Full-cassette Awning

Mobile Awning/ Double Awning

Car Awning

Folding Screen/ Side Awning

Drop Screen

Window Awning

Sun Room

Free-standing Canopy & Pergola

Smart Control System

App- Awning Control Interface
It enables the user to control the awning by mobile devices anywhere wifi is accessible.

The Mist-spraying System

The mist-spraying device can be used for our awnings and pergolas, and it can be directly connected with the water tap or the water pump.