Solar protection for terrace and balcony awnings

Economical Awning

The econmical retractable awning is a kind of promotional product, and especially suitable for the supermarket promotion. It is better to order the small size.Moreover,we can load more products in one container with the scientifically designed front bar for the raw matorial and you can choose anodized aluminium.

Half-cassette Awning

The half-cassette retractable awning is designed with the integrated cover and tightly-sealed front bar shaping as the half-cassette. The rain cover could protect the rolled fabric from rain, sunlight, bird droppings, leaves, dust and alike.

KD Awning

The KD series awning is designed especially for the online shops. With its own short packing ways, the final product can be suitable for the express delivery,saving a lot of delivery cost for both seller and end user.

Full-cassette Awning

The full-cassette awning is designed with the integrated cover and the front bar providing the tight closing of the cassette, and offering the protection for the fabric from rainwater or sunlight with its elegant rain cover which is made of the extruded aluminum.

Mobile Awning/ Double Awning

The mobile awning, which is also called free-standing awning is designed to create an extra shading place anywhere you want.

Car Awning

Ambulant function, easy moving, easy fixing.

Folding Screen/ Side Awning

Side screen series is our most classic and popular item. It is designed to be installed and used easily to keep away wind, sunshine and to protect user's private space.

Window Awning

The window awning is designed to keep the sunshine,rain drops and the heat out of window. Users also can retract the window awning when they need sunshine.

Drop Screen

Drop Screen can be Installed in wherever you want (Front &back/left&right/ceiling etc.) suitable for many scenes.

More product information

Here you will find an overview of the construction of a marquee and the various possibilities offered here.

The structure of awning is composed of the aluminum alloy frame, the steel-cross beam, aluminum-alloy rain cover and the power-coated surface.

Two different types of wall brackets are made of steel for wall and ceiling installation and you can select the regular wall bracket, or the double use bracket for both wall and ceiling.

The small and big arms are made of aluminum alloy with the high-quality spring assembled inside. These arms are strong enough to withstand pressure by wind and raindrops.

4.Angle Adjustment
Hooeasy awning is equipped with the angle adjustment mechanism. It enables the user to adjust the angle of awning fabric in a range of 5-45 degree below the horizontal line.

There are various fabric patterns available for your selection. The fabric compositions are polyester and acrylic with PU coating and UV protection, and with different fabric weight s including 160g/㎡, 180g/㎡,220g/㎡,280g/㎡,300g/㎡,320g/㎡. It is also available for 300g/㎡ Spanish acrylic fabrics.

Our valance can be customized to be wavy or straight, and your logo also can be printed on it.

7.Rain Cover
An available rain cover is made of extruded aluminum which protects the fabric against rain and dust.

8.Hooeasy awning comes into two sorts
Manual & Motorized Awnings
The manual awning is controlled by the handle crank.
The motorized awning is controlled by pressing the button switch and remote control or automatically by the weather sensor (the wind/sun sensor).

Tuya Smart App Operating System

Tuya App - Awning Control Interface
It enables the user to control the awning by mobile devices anywhere wifi is accessible.

The Mist-spraying System

The mist-spraying device can be used for our awnings and pergolas, and it can be directly connected with the water tap or the water pump. It can have a cool and humid private space in the hot summer.