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      Design feature:

      • It is a deluxe aluminum pergola with a much more stronger construction and it presents a classic and stylish lifestyle to your patio. With the wall brackets, it can be attached onto the wall and create a multiple functional space for your car pets, tables and your family reunion.
      • One side is mounted on the wall which provides the concise and stable structure,and all fasteners are made of stainless steel;
      • Equipped with the motorized operation system with the remote control;
      • lt is easy for installation,and the regular time for completion of its installation is within 2 hours;
      • With the optional RGB lamp or LED white lamp.it colors your outdoor space;
      • lts waterproof structure , with the top louvre design, enables the rain water to discharge by the internal gutter and via the integrated water drainage system to the bottom.
      • To enhance user's various outdoor experience, lt comes with different accessories of side screens, side grilles glass doors and alike.
      • This pergola is made of aluminum and presents the state-of-the-art style and excellent quality
      • One side mounted on the wall provide concise and stable structure, and all fasteners are made of stainless steel
      • Easy for installation, general time of finish the installation within 2 hours
      • RGB lamp or LED white lamp is optional to color your outdoor space
      • Waterproof structure with top rain cover of aluminum at the wall side, and water is dischargedthrough integrated water drainage system

      Standard Ral-Frame

      Ral9010 Milk White

      PC0102 Grey

      PG3314 Black


      Alu. Frame:
      1.Alu.Beam size:120x100x2.0 mm;
      2.Alu.Column: 100x100x1.6 mm;
      3.Alu. blade: 145x23x1.4mm;
      4.Height of column: 230cm;
      5. Packing: (3x3m/ 3x4m/ 4x4m)
      6. Manual.
      7.LED light are optional
      Max size: 400x400×230cm
      Min size: 300x300x230cm

      size(cm) Part Name Carton Size (cm) Carton QTY
      400x400x250 Columns 274x27×13 1
      Beams 390x35x16 1
      Louvers 390x25x20.5 2
      Louvers 390x19.5x20.5 1
      300x400x250 Columns 274×27x13 1
      Beams 290x35x16 1
      Louvers 290x25x20.5 2
      Louvers 290x19.5x20.5 1
      300x300x250 Columns 274x27x13 1
      Beams 290x35x16 1
      Louvers 290x25x20.5 2

      What a awning can do for ME

      Lighting for outdoors.

      Adjust light exactly as you need it. And to determine the atmosphere. Outside: with Hooeasy.

      Sun protection in all dimensions.

      Protect from excessive sun. Regulate the climate completely energy-saving. Put shadows where it is needed quickly: with Hooeasy.

      More space for the summer.

      Re-invent the summer seat. Enlarge the house with sunny and shady rooms, even outdoors. Setting up islands for relaxation and relaxation: perfect with awnings.

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