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      • It is a deluxe aluminum pergola with a much more stronger constructionand it presents a classic and stylish lifestyle to your patio or garden.
      • Designed with a higher durability to the rain, snow and wind, it can standunder a much worse weather conditions; it is also much more outstandingunder the sun.
      • Equipped with the motorized operation system with the remote control;
      • It is easy for installation, and the regular time for completion of its
        installation is within 2 hours;
      • With the optional RGB lamp or LED white lamp, it colors your outdoor space;
      • lts waterproof structure, with the top louvre design, enables the rain
        water to discharge by the internal gutter and via the integrated water drainage system to the bottom.
      • To enhance user's various outdoor experience, It comes with different accessories of side screens, side grilles, glass doors and alike.


      It is an interesting option for screens matching our 8630 pergola system.It can be combined at your will.


      It is a superb zip screen which perfectly matches our 8630 pergola sytem. It is graceful and exquisite in design.


      It is a nice and neat glass door which can be smoothly slided manually.It can close our 8630 pergola system entirely.

      Standard Ral-Frame

      Ral9010 Milk White

      PC0102 Grey

      PG3314 Black


      Alu. Frame:
      1. Alu.Beam size: 150x100mm;
      2. Alu.Column: 120x120mm;
      3.Alu. sheet: 190x34mm;
      4. Height of column: 250cm;5.Motorized
      Max size: 400x400×250cm
      Min size: 300x300x250cm
      (This pergola is much stronger whichcould be mounted with dropdownscreen/louver wall/glass wall)

      size(cm) Part Name Carton Size (cm) Carton QTY
      400x400x250 Columns 259x27×25 1
      Beams 390x35x16 1
      Louvers 390x25x20.5 2
      Louvers 390x19.5x20.5 1
      300x400x250 Columns 259×27x25 1
      Beams 390x35x16 1
      Louvers 290x25x20.5 2
      Louvers 290x19.5x20.5 1
      300x300x250 Columns 259x27x25 1
      Beams 290x35x16 1
      Louvers 290x25x20.5 2

      What a awning can do for ME

      Lighting for outdoors.

      Adjust light exactly as you need it. And to determine the atmosphere. Outside: with Hooeasy.

      Sun protection in all dimensions.

      Protect from excessive sun. Regulate the climate completely energy-saving. Put shadows where it is needed quickly: with Hooeasy.

      More space for the summer.

      Re-invent the summer seat. Enlarge the house with sunny and shady rooms, even outdoors. Setting up islands for relaxation and relaxation: perfect with awnings.

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