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      It has been developed with the concept of outdoor decency, and regardless of the weather and the season, we can enjoy the freedom from it.

      The user is always in control.

      The user is always in control. Using the Codeval remote control,you can move the slats from 0 to 145 The remote has four pre-set positions. Besides , you can change the orientation until you find your desired position.

      Basic description

      • Operaton:Motorized or Manual,only one functions can be selected.
      • Anti-seize Function:After the product is stuck,it can be resumed by running in the opposit direction.
      • Without Anti-pinch Function:The product must be used according to the standard operation.
      • Rainproof Level: Rainstorms(24 hours rainfall ≤250mm).
      • Motor Running Speed: 200 mm/min Motor thrust:600N.
      • Product Testing Standards:JG/T 274-2010 ISO592


      Product Specification

      Size(mm) Flap Quantity(pc) Package(mm)
      300x300x250 20 Beam packing box:294×35×18mm
      Column packing box:2700×270×260mm
      Slat box:294×34.5×26mm
      300x350x250 24 Beam packing box:351×35×18mm
      Column packing box:271×28×26mm
      Slat box:294×34.5×31mm
      300x400x250 27 Beam packing box:394×35×18mm
      Column packing box:271×28×26mm
      Slat box:294×34.5×26mm

      Power components specification

      Operation Power component Power Type Maximum Power Maximum Open Angle
      Electric/Motorized Dooya Motor Linear Thrust 600N 145°
      Manual Gear box Torque 70N*M 145°

      Main components

      Component Name Material Aluminum Profile Size Thickness
      Column ALu 120×120mm 2.0mm
      Pieces ALU 120×150mm 2.3mm
      Louver Blades ALU 158×42mm 1.8mm

      What a awning can do for ME

      Lighting for outdoors.

      Adjust light exactly as you need it. And to determine the atmosphere. Outside: with Hooeasy.

      Sun protection in all dimensions.

      Protect from excessive sun. Regulate the climate completely energy-saving. Put shadows where it is needed quickly: with Hooeasy.

      More space for the summer.

      Re-invent the summer seat. Enlarge the house with sunny and shady rooms, even outdoors. Setting up islands for relaxation and relaxation: perfect with awnings.

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