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Design feature:

  • With the smooth and clean surface, this pergola is made of the aluminum and presents the state-of-the-art style and excellent quality. All of the fasteners are made of the stainless steel which enables this product to be rust-free and have a long lifespan.
  • The clasp connection structure is adopted for the slat, which is convenient and quick to install.
  • The outlet is directly open in the column without the need for additional drainage pipes. It is concise and artist, and the installation is more easy and convenient.
  • The middle beam is placed higher than the two sides; the water can flow to the two sides faster and this reduces the burden of the beam.
  • The canopy is waterproof with a back seal type, the waterproof grade:rainstorm.
  • Using large cross beams and thicken flip board to increase load carrying capacity,it can resist snow15CM(dry snow).
  • Reserved LED lamp slot, optional LED lamp, it shows the decorative effect of fog lamp after the installation.
  • 3000 times operation without major failure.
  • Concise design, easy to install, traget users can finish the DIY installation in 2 hours.


The handle crank position can be set on two sides. You can control it separately.

Turn the board on /off with the handle crank.

It is 130x130cm for the grounding panel.

The clasp connection structure is adopted for flip boartd ,which is convenient and quick to install.


Standard size:3.03×3.03m 3.03×4.02m 4.02×4.02mheigh:2.50m

Size of the main structure parts


Product packaging specification

Column21x21x265cmweight 25kg
Beam weight22x27x296cmweight 44kg
Flip board33x33x148cmweight 54kg
Stabdard Packing capacity30 sets

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