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This balcony side shade is designed for outdoor use on the balcony as protection from sunset glow or light winds,and it can also be used as privacy protection.



  • Colour customizable
  • Import or home-made
  • Polyester or acrylic
  • UV resistance
  • Lotus eddect

Closed apperance

Standard Ral-Frame

Ral9010 Milk White

PC0102 Grey

PG3314 Black


Manual Operation(1900)

Size (cm)4 Steel TubeFabricPackingFrame
120 x 120 cmΦ16mm160g/㎡
Each pc/
Standard Fram
Color Is White
140 x 140 cm
Carton Size(cm)20’GP40’HQ
122 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm1360 pcs2730 pcs
142 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm1200 pcs2450 pcs
Different Frame Colors Are Available
With protective bag

What a awning can do for ME

Lighting for outdoors.

Adjust light exactly as you need it. And to determine the atmosphere. Outside: with Hooeasy.

Sun protection in all dimensions.

Protect from excessive sun. Regulate the climate completely energy-saving. Put shadows where it is needed quickly: with Hooeasy.

More space for the summer.

Re-invent the summer seat. Enlarge the house with sunny and shady rooms, even outdoors. Setting up islands for relaxation and relaxation: perfect with awnings.